Special Call on LegalTech and LegalWork

May 20, 2021 by Christian Dirschl

Daily business for legal professionals has changed dramatically during the pandemic. The need for digital and smart solutions has received a tremendous and urgent push from all sides.

SEMANTiCS aims at bringing together the new needs of the legal industry with a growing interest in LegalTech in the research community. In addition to information exchange, we will specifically support direct and structured communication, so that research has a better access to use cases and data and industry has better access to solution ideas and prototypes – a win-win situation for all of us! During SEMANTiCS we will have joint sessions, based on a LegalWork Industry workshop and joint industry and research presentations in the main conference. We will actively give room to discussions, hopefully resulting in exciting project ideas, which will create a dedicated impact and accelerate the digital transformation process already happening in the legal industry.

Submit your LegalWork industry presentation using our fast lane and register for SEMANTiCS right away!