The Future of Structured Authoring

July 26, 2022 by Thomas Thurner

SEMANTICS: You are present with your product or company at this SEMANTiCS conference. Tell us a little more about the connection of your product or company has to the main topic of the conference: Knowledge Graphs and Explainable AI.

Arpita MaityI am representing RWS and its product suite Tridion at the Semantics Conference 2022. Tridion is an intelligent content platform which consists of a Web Content Management System(WCM), a component content management system(CCMS), Dynamic Experience Delivery (DXD) and a Structured Authoring solution. Tridion has PoolParty capabilities integrated intrinsically in its product suite and enables enterprise use cases to leverage semantic AI. Knowledge graphs, taxonomy, and metadata taken together with structured content is a very powerful tool to make machines perform their tasks better.

SEMANTICS: Knowledge Graphs are rather abstract objects that are difficult to access by non-expert users.

Arpita Maity:  Tridion's Portfolio of products can be used to enable various use cases in organizations across industries. Some of the key use cases we address are as follows:

  • Technical Documentation and Communication
  • Digital Experience Management
  • Digital Workplace
  • Intranet and Information Portals
  • Customer and Field Support & Service
  • Smart devices and applications - AR, VR, Chatbots and Conversational AI

SEMANTICS: You are a sponsor of the conference. Where and how we can find you and talk to you?

Arpita Maity:  We are a gold sponsor at the event, and our colleagues will be presenting a talk on 15th September, and conducting a workshop on structured authoring and content management on 12th September. Hence we are spread out across the event duration. Please feel free to reach out to us during or outside of the allocated sessions to say hi and chat with us.