14 Gründe warum kein CTO die SEMANTiCS verpassen darf

June 24, 2019 by Susanne Ardisson

Die zentrale Herausforderung für die Zukunft ist der wertschöpfende Umgang mit großen Datenmengen. Dazu gehört die Auseinandersetzung mit Künstlicher Intelligenz und semantischen Technologien. Die Implementierung dieser Megatrends in die Unternehmensprozesse ist einer der Schwerpunkte der SEMANTiCS 2019. IT Entscheider und Forscher verraten, warum jeder CTO die Konferenz besuchen sollte.

Wie IT-Entscheider von der SEMANTiCS profitieren

Companies rely in their decision-making process more and more on artificial intelligence. Semantic AI enables machines to solve complex problems and explain derived recommendations to users. SEMANTiCS is the key to collective intelligence within industrial enterprises - manifested in Knowledge Graphs. Boris Shalumov, Deloitte

In many companies knowledge graphs will become an integral part of their data landscape. The SEMANTiCS conference gives valuable insights into the current state of the technology and shows how semantic technologies are applied to tackle some of the hardest data management challenges we are facing today. Steffen Lamparter, Siemens

Gerade im Bereich Textmining und AI rücken Forschung und Anwendung immer näher zusammen. Die SEMANTiCS ermöglicht Entscheidern, sich einen Überblick über Trends der angewandten Forschung zu verschaffen und deren Einsatzmöglichkeiten im eigenen Unternehmen zu evaluieren. Hans-Peter Zorn, inovex


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Already and even more so in the future, Semantic Web- and Linked Data-Technologies will play an increasingly important role for value creation from data, Industry 4.0-Applications and as native components of enterprise-level legacy solutions. We might even witness the erosion of the now ever-present ETL-Use-Case for the sake of an increasing efficiency in the process of breaking up data silos. At SEMANTiCS Conference, CTOs have a great opportunity to learn more about solutions that have the potential to make every aspect of their profession a lot easier: value creation and delivery of results that will immediately be visible to C-Levels with less technological backgrounds, overcome communication barriers between domain experts and software engineers, minimize development risks due to better documentation and last but definitely not least: reduce cost due to less engineering efforts. Moritz Eberl, Semiodesk

Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs are two key technologies for every enterprise in 2019. They enable CTOs to unleash the full value of distributed data from inside and outside of their company. This is achieved by combining and modelling data, and, therefore, making key information that was hidden before, accessible. SEMANTiCS 2019 brings researchers, technology experts and decision makers together to understand the direction the technology is taking; the conference allows CTOs to use this information to build their very own implementation roadmap. Sebastian Schmidt, metaphacts

To create new business models and reap the fruits of big data and AI, digitalized companies need to connect their products, processes, partners and the personalized knowledge of their people in a business digital twin. And this can only be done semantically, with a knowledge graph approach capable of connecting as many disparate data sources as exist in any given company. Hans-Christian Brockmann, eccenca

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Because, SEMANTICS has an important characteristic of bringing research world and industry together. It would very beneficial for CTOs to attend to the conference to catch-up with the research in semantic technologies and AI, as well as to get inspired and build new cooperation networks with researchers and other industry practitioners. Umutcan Simsek, STI Innsbruck Research Group

SEMANTiCS 2019 will give CTOs the opportunity to learn how using Semantic AI can help to future-proof and scale your enterprises' data & knowledge management tools. With the access of data and information so readily available, the conference will help C-Suites to connect their data in a meaningful way, helping them to make better and immediate decisions on the fly, further facilitating your Enterprise Data Governance StrategyRobert David, Semantic Web Company 

CTOs have to be at SEMANTiCS to:
  1. know the latest research results
  2. understand which concrete applications in different industries are already being implemented using semantic technologies or will be used in the future
  3. meet with researchers, industry experts and decision-makers
  4. exchange ideas with experts (networking)
  5. gain new insights
​​Harald Sack, FIZ Karlsruhe

Was man auf der SEMANTiCS lernen kann

A CTO should meet me at the SEMANTiCS in order to get to know about the latest trends in industrial research and development in the area of ML and NLP. Dr. Jörg Dallmeyer, CID GmbH

By showcasing our previous and very successful use cases and industry projects as well as previewing our upcoming technologies at the Semiodesk-booth we will illustrate the potential of Semantic Web- and Linked Data-Technologies in terms of seamless, fast and easy integration in enterprise-level .NET-Infrastructures. Moritz Eberl, Semiodesk

Deloitte developed cutting-edge solutions in data management for its customers in the automotive, mechanical engineering and chemical industry. We combine technical know-how in semantic technologies with deep domain expertise. Every day we challenge the status quo with innovative solutions for our customers. Meet us to see our demos of Intelligent Variant Configuration Management, ML-based Data Cleansing and more! Boris Shalumov, Deloitte

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metaphacts will present metaphactory, the leading knowledge graph management and rapid application development platform. metaphacts helps companies understand the value of knowledge graphs, create their own knowledge integration roadmaps, and implement use cases through rapid prototyping with metaphactory. metaphacts will also share the lessons learnt from numerous projects over the last years and give you insights into success stories relevant to your industry or vertical. Sebastian Schmidt, metaphacts

inovex ist ein innovationsgetriebenes Projekthaus und kann Sie in Ihren Projekten mit Know-how zu NLP, Deep Learning und (Semantic) Search unterstützen. Hans-Peter Zorn, inovex

As a research group with a long record of industry cooperation, we believe it is essential to find application areas of the research in semantic technologies and AI to create impact. There is a mutual benefit, on the one hand we find a real-world scenarios to evaluate the impact of our research, on the other hand companies can open new horizons for their products and services through research and development. Umutcan Simsek, STI Innsbruck Research Group

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The annual SEMANTiCS conference is the meeting place for professionals who make semantic computing work, and understand its benefits and know its limitations. Every year, SEMANTiCS attracts information managers, IT-architects, software engineers, and researchers, from organisations ranging from NPOs, universities, public administrations to the largest companies in the world. http://www.semantics.cc