Recordings, Proceedings and Slides of 2022

September 23, 2022 by Thomas Thurner

Dear Friends and attendees. It was an honor to have you at SEMANTiCS 2022. I'm sure that you had some inspiring moments and fine talks.  For later reading or listening, we collected the materials as far as available. Here are the links to different sources you may look for:

  • Recordings: We have them for talks that happened in Room 1. Please find these recordings next to the abstracts listed in the program.
  • Slides: As far as we have them, you can find the slides in this folder (please follow the Session structure to find the respective slides)
  • ProceedingsTowards a knowledge-aware ai, Studies on the semantic web. Dimou, A., Neumaier, S., Pellegrini, T., Vahdati, S. (Eds.), 2022. , IOS Press, Washington.