How to move business intelligence to the future – Gold Sponsor Semalytix GmbH

May 13, 2016

Business intelligence needs to be enriched by real intelligence. The function of business intelligence has always been the major force to give companies a heads-up to their competitors. In times of big data, social media and immense un-harvested fields of unstructured data from various sources, companies need sensitive technological solutions that allow for the extraction of data from those sources, analyze them in a meaningful way and create true insights (including sentiment and emotion) from it.

Semalytix GmbH is at the front-line of transferring cutting edge techniques in semantic technologies from research to productive, real-world use cases. These include but are not limited to state-of-the-art approaches in machine learning, data sciences, natural language processing, linked data, and ontologies. Their expertise and portfolio ranges from business intelligence services and big data analysis to biomedical data-mining and machine learning, from social media analysis and the integration of unstructured data to complete software solutions and API based development.

Janik Jaskolski, CEO Semalytics GmbH

The Bielefeld company facilitates its strong ties to the interdisciplinary research environment of the "Cognitive Interaction Technology Center of Excellence" (CITEC). Being part of the "Excellence Initiative of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)", CITEC places Semalytix in the unique position to venture out to develop solutions to previously unsolved problems that allow for intuitive interaction with complex systems and enable likewise intuitive access to large, unstructured, knowledge resources.

As a Gold Sponsor of this year’s SEMANTiCS conference, Semalytix GmbH will be present at the conference with a booth presenting a composition of use-cases, offering live-demonstrations of their semantic applications, as well as early-beta views of additional tools that are currently in Semalytix’ pipeline.