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Discoverability and Responsible use of Data using Knowledge Graphs

August 11, 2022 by Thomas Thurner

SEMANTICS: You are present with your product or company at this SEMANTiCS conference. Tell us a little more about the connection of your product or company has to the main topic of the conference: Knowledge Graphs and Explainable AI.

Nimit MehtaTopQuadrant is an Enterprise Data Management company focused on increasing discoverability and responsible use of data through the applied use of Knowledge Graphs

SEMANTICS: Knowledge Graphs are rather abstract objects that are difficult to access by non-expert users.

Nimit Mehta:  We are working with teams to build the capabilities to control and deploy data to power innovation and manage compliance

  • Create meaning and enrich data assets through conceptual (semantic) mapping of metadata
  • Govern data policies to ensure safe, structured collaboration
  • Enable discovery by automating data cataloging
  • Accelerate product creation by enabling real-time data use

This provides the framework to build a “source of truth” for the structure, characteristics, connections, and contours amongst all enterprise data

SEMANTICS: You are a sponsor of the conference. Where and how we can find you and talk to you?

Nimit Mehta:  Please visit our booth or come our CEO, Nimit Mehta, discuss, "The Semantic Data Stack - A user story on building a data fabric", Session 2.4, 12:45-13:00.