Kaspars Kaulins

We will tell the story about our journey developing smart multilingual virtual assistants starting from conversational agent Laura in 2012 up to the most recent innovative Conversational AI solutions for the European Commission, the European Space Agency and multiple other business companies.

Honza FörsterNatan Cox

Cognizone recently initiated the development of Hanami, a tool designed to facilitate the collaborative creation and management of knowledge graphs.

Our solution guarantees a very high level of data quality based on International standards and gives access to Knowledge graph editing to less technically skilled users. Our approach is:

Bruno HerrmannYvan HennecartJosep Bonet

FOCUS SESSION: Managing workflows has been a recurring challenge in content operations and solutions. As they have been considered as sets of transactional steps of files involving a number of people within organizations they have not always been synchronized with customer experience standards and needs. As a result some workflows have not delivered output as planned and expected.

Bernd Schopp

Augmented intelligence is a partnership model of people and artificial intelligence (AI) working together to enhance cognitive performance. In a business context mainly focused to take better informed business decision. Since 80% of enterprise data is available just in an unstructured format, NLP and Machine Learning is heavily applied to support this.

Nimit MehtaAmar Doshi

All too often we see novel enterprise ambitions end up in the Semantic Graveyard. Be it through lack of sponsorship, leadership, or technical skill, enterprise deployments of semantic technology struggle to "Go Live" and achieve its impact.

Nikolay Krustev

A story about how knowledge graphs and industry standards can be leveraged to help interlink modern industries. Exploring the possibilities to create synergies, opportunities to optimize current and create new business models.

Lulit Tesfaye

The past decade has seen significant investments in data warehouses, data lakes and data lake houses for a sizable number of organizations with the goal to integrate and access data at scale.

Jans Aasman

The business of contact centers makes up for an important percentage of GDP in many countries. Millions of people work in contact centers and they make literally billions of phone calls each year to do outsourced sales calls or set appointments or check on licenses.


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