Contract Intelligence

Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 11:45 to 12:45
Giray Havur


Modelling Business Agreements in the Multimodal Transportation Domain through Ontological Smart Contracts

The blockchain technology provides integrity and reliability of the information, thus offering a suitable solution to guarantee trustability in a multi-stakeholder scenario that involves actors defining business agreements. The Ride2Rail project investigated the use of the blockchain to record as smart contracts the agreements between different stakeholders defined in a multimodal transportation domain. Modelling an ontology to represent the smart contracts enables the possibility of having a machine-readable and interoperable representation of the agreements.

Gearing up for success with voice and chatbots using structured content

What’s the next big shift in the customer experience landscape? Voice-activated search! Semantic search is the future for search engines, and people search for topics using questions. In this presentation, you’ll learn voice basics and the specific things you need to do to get your content ready to drive more engagement on the web. Discover how to align offerings to customer needs better using voice-activated search.