Answering Systems

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 10:30 to 12:00
Sebastian Neumair


The European Direct Contact Center Knowledge Base

The European Direct Contact Center (EDCC) is run by the European Commission. It answers any question from the public about the European Union, via phone or email. The staff includes native speakers of the EU's 24 official languages, as well as Ukrainian and Russian. It answers question on:||||- general questions about the EU,||- content of the webpages published by EU institutions||- specialised information by asking an expert in the European Commission||||In the last year the European Commission made an effort to construct the EDCC Knowledge Base (KB).

Smartening Up Chatbots with Language-Agnostic Knowledge Graphs

CEFAT4Cities targets the development of multilingual cross-border e-Government services, facilitating the conversion of natural-language administrative procedures into machine-readable data.||We showcase the integration of CEFAT4Cities results into SmartBot, a prototype of a multilingual chatbot, developed for the Vienna Business Agency (VBA) in scope of the project.||SmartBot makes VBA's services discoverable in a user-friendly way, fine-targeting such topics as starting a new business and finding relevant grants among hundreds of funding opportunities.||It is driven by multilingual AI tha