The European Direct Contact Center Knowledge Base

The European Direct Contact Center (EDCC) is run by the European Commission. It answers any question from the public about the European Union, via phone or email. The staff includes native speakers of the EU's 24 official languages, as well as Ukrainian and Russian. It answers question on:||||- general questions about the EU,||- content of the webpages published by EU institutions||- specialised information by asking an expert in the European Commission||||In the last year the European Commission made an effort to construct the EDCC Knowledge Base (KB). The aim of the KB is twofold:||1) have better control on the data that is used in EDCC||2) create an infrastructure to facilitate and speed up the work of the staff working for EDCC.||||In this talk we present the EDCC KB. In particular we present:||||- how the data is organised in a Knowledge Graph||- which data is aggregated (messages, websites, reference replies ....)||- how the data in the Knowledge Graph is enriched via different AI techniques (machine translation, sentiment analysis, classification)||- how content is recommended in order to help give replies to the citizens.