Smartening Up Chatbots with Language-Agnostic Knowledge Graphs

CEFAT4Cities targets the development of multilingual cross-border e-Government services, facilitating the conversion of natural-language administrative procedures into machine-readable data.||We showcase the integration of CEFAT4Cities results into SmartBot, a prototype of a multilingual chatbot, developed for the Vienna Business Agency (VBA) in scope of the project.||SmartBot makes VBA's services discoverable in a user-friendly way, fine-targeting such topics as starting a new business and finding relevant grants among hundreds of funding opportunities.||It is driven by multilingual AI that contains the results of CEFAT4Cities workflows, integrated into its domain knowledge along with multilingual domain-specific vocabularies, represented in a language-agnostic knowledge graph in Coreon.||Thanks to the integrated multilingual knowledge system (MKS), SmartBot is able to infer connections between language-agnostic concepts and deal with terms, previously unseen by the bot's language model.