Jans Aasman

The foundation of Graph Technologies has been firmly established in the commercial markets and we all see a bright future ahead.  In this presentation I’m going to describe three emerging trends for Graphs that our community should embrace and assume industry thought leadership roles for these technologies.

Steve Moyle

Anyone who is not frightened by the discoveries made by Alan Turing in the middle of the twentieth century probably has not truly understood them.  Turing provides us with a Pandora's Box which we have recklessly become addicted to without an escape route.  This talk looks back at key aspects of Turing's legacy -- in both computability and machine intelligence -- and looks forward for signs of

Adam Keresztes

The experts in the UX field are most likely the ones closest to the customer. They are responsible for researching needs, designing products, and thereby aiming to create the best possible product for the customer. But there is still a big gap between the data and user experience. Data and data sources are mysterious and obscure to practitioners within the UX design field.

Olaf Hartig

Techniques for querying federations of interlinked knowledge graphs provide a great potential for scenarios in which bringing these graphs together into a central repository is not a suitable or desired option, and yet one wants to be able to answer queries or run analyses for which the data from these graphs needs to be combined with one another.


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