The Role of Graphs in AI and Quantum Computing.


The foundation of Graph Technologies has been firmly established in the commercial markets and we all see a bright future ahead.  In this presentation I’m going to describe three emerging trends for Graphs that our community should embrace and assume industry thought leadership roles for these technologies.

The first trend, we need to guide industry on how it should use Semantic Knowledge graphs in the process of true Natural Language Understanding. Applications developed using a combination of symbolic rules and GPT3 will lead the way to create real world models expressed in Knowledge Graphs.

Next, the use of node embeddings and graph neural networks in practical applications will provide predictive powers which will be transformative in industries such as Automotive, Healthcare, and Finance to name a few.

Lastly, Quantum computing and our world of RDF, Knowledge Graphs, Neural Network Computing are all coming together to solve hard and complex problems.  Our thought leadership on this front will entrench Semantics as the way forward in AI and Quantum Computing


Available material for this talk.