Panel Discussion: The Power of Knowledge Graphs and AI


For the past decade or so, Knowledge Graphs have been sneaking into our daily lives, be it through voice assistants (such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant), intuitive search results or even personalized shopping experiences through online store recommenders. We are constantly interacting with Knowledge Graphs on a daily basis. However, Knowledge Graphs are still a mystery to most and because of its seamless entrance into our lives, most of us aren’t even aware of how dependent we are on the technology – or worse, how we have come to expect a certain quality and standard that we are now accustomed to.

Many organizations are already using Knowledge Graph technology to help themselves stay ahead of the game. And Knowledge Graphs have been in use for all types of industries, ranging from banking, the auto industry, oil and gas to pharmaceutical and health, retail, publishing, the media and more. Although these companies use Knowledge Graphs for different use cases, the end game is the same: taking large amounts of data from various data silos and adding value to it so that it can be used (and ultimately re-used) in a meaningful and more intelligent way. 

Finally Knowledge Graphs are acting as an ideal base layer for symbolic Artificial Intelligence (AI) where statistical AI methods and Knowledge Graphs can be combined to develop powerful and useful AI applications, and additionally Knowledge Graphs support explainable AI as of their richness in regards of meaning and context…

The SEMANTiCS2019 panel ‘The Power of Knowledge Graphs and AI’ brings together experts and practitioners with long time experience in the field, from industry and academia, to discuss and dig deeper into the potential of Knowledge Graphs and AI, to discuss challenges and bottlenecks, and to finally provide concrete recommendations including an outlook to the world of Knowledge Graphs as a take away for the audience!

Moderated by Martin Kaltenböck