(Machine) Translation with a Vision: Shaping a Translation Ecosystem in a Biotech Company

How do you introduce Machine Translation in one of the world’s largest biotech companies? By having a vision that goes beyond machine translation. By understanding your stakeholders’ real needs. And by starting small while thinking big. That is what Roche Language Services did when they started on their journey of evaluating and introducing Roche-trained secure machine translation in over 20 language directions. We want to take you with us on this journey, on which machine translation is introduced globally and is placed at the core of the translation ecosystem, enabling much more than 'just' translation. In this presentation, we will share challenges that need to be overcome to get there and look at the importance of networking and stakeholder involvement. We will share use cases where Roche partnered with blc to implement MT successfully together with stakeholders - for fast, secure translation where it is needed most. And we will show you where this journey is headed for Roche, with machine translation technology at the core of a multilingual data web.