Taxonomies & Terminology: 1 + 1 = 3?

The value of taxonomies and ontologies is obvious to everyone working with semantic data and trying to utilize it for many different purposes. While terminologies are only the “leaves” attached to taxonomy trees, they are visible to anyone interacting with your company's content. And since content has a plethora of touchpoints in a company, it is almost by definition inconsistent.||||Therefore, terminology should be standardized in a collaborative effort within the company and then made easily available to both human users and consuming systems such as taxonomies. Only then, you can benefit from the linguistic AND semantic powers of taxonomies.||||Our presentation will show you how to:||1) set up a terminology management process that lets you standardize the terminologies you use in your taxonomies. Then||2) combine taxonomies, ontologies, and terminology,||3) make them accessible to all stakeholders in your organization and thus||4) make corporate data fit for the future!||