Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 12:15 to 12:45
Tassilo Pellegrini


Knowledge Graphs for Risk Advisory: Risk Control Frameworks and Data-driven Regulatory Reporting

A common issue today’s data-driven financial institutions face is tracking data throughout their development lifecycle. Data needs to be tracked as it is utilized, manipulated, and transformed throughout the organization. Knowledge graphs enable financial institutions to trace their data journey in the right context, to identify missing links and provide smart recommendations while improving the quality and auditability of their data flows.

AIRO: an Ontology for Representing AI Risks based on the Proposed EU AI Act and ISO Risk Management Standards

The growing number of incidents caused by (mis)using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a matter of concern for governments, organisations and the public. To control the harmful impacts of AI, multiple efforts are being taken all around the world from guidelines promoting trustworthy development and use, to standards for managing risks and regulatory frameworks. Amongst these efforts, the first-ever AI regulation proposed by the European Commission, known as the AI Act, is prominent as it takes a risk-oriented approach towards regulating development and use of AI within systems.