Recommender Systems

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 10:30 to 12:00
Florian Bauer


Knowledge-based Recommendation Systems as a Cornerstone of the Digital Workplace

There is a great need for intelligent assistants in digital workplaces, and this more than ever, considering the increasing degree of decentralization in the post-Corona era.||||Recommendation systems are well known through their use in e-commerce platforms, but there they often achieve only too low a degree of precision and relevance, since they only follow the principle of "more of the same" based on "collaborative filtering".

Lowering operational complexity and building bridges between industries

A story about how knowledge graphs and industry standards can be leveraged to help interlink modern industries. Exploring the possibilities to create synergies, opportunities to optimize current and create new business models.

Applying Semantic AI platforms for Augmented Intelligence

In recent years, augmented intelligence systems have advanced to provide humans with insights for knowledge discovery and decision making. Using a cooperative approach, these systems use powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to augment human cognitive activities. To do so, the AI capabilities have to complement human actions and therefore be explainable and controllable, while still providing implicit insights based on statistical models. Semantic Artificial Intelligence (Semantic AI), as the combination of machine learning and knowledge models, provides such a methodology.