Poster Madness

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Authors Title
Christoph Braun and Tobias Käfer Attribute-based Access Control on Solid Pods using Privacy-friendly Credentials
Alena Vasilevich and Michael Wetzel Language-Agnostic Knowledge Graphs for Smarter Multilingual Chatbots
Daniel Henselmann, Karina Kolinsky, Sebastian Schmid, Daniel Schraudner, Andreas Both and Andreas Harth Solid Proof of Concept in an Enterprise Loan Request Use Case
Alex Randles, Declan O'Sullivan, John Keeney and Liam Fallon Applying a Mapping Quality Framework in Cloud Native Monitoring
Lena-Luise Stahn The Semantics inWorks. Modelling the author’s work and its making
Gustavo Correa Publio, Jose Emilio Labra Gayo, Guillermo Facundo Colunga and Pablo Menéndez Ontolo-CI: Continuous data validation with ShEx
Manuela Sanguinetti, Maurizio Atzori and Nicoletta Puddu rewordQALD9: A Bilingual Benchmark with Alternative Rewordings of QALD Questions
Dagmar Celuchova Bosanska, Michal Huptych and Lenka Lhotska A pipeline for population and analysis of Personal Health Knowledge Graphs (PHKGs)
Astrid Krickl and Sabrina Kirrane Misinformation Detection: Using Linguistic Cues
Ines Akaichi and Sabrina Kirrane A Semantic Policy Language for Usage Control
Herminio García-González and Anastasia Dimou Why to Tie to a Single Data Mapping Language? Enabling a Transformation from ShExML to RML
Victor Mireles, Artem Revenko, Nikit Srivastava, Daniel Vollmers, Anna Breit and Diego Moussallem Proposal for PORQUE, a Polylingual Hybrid Question Answering System
Aldo Gangemi, Anna Sofia Lippolis, Giorgia Lodi and Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese FrODO: generating ontologies from competency questions in one click
Kushagra Singh Bisen, Sara Assefa Alemayehu, Pierre Maret, Alexandra Creighton, Rachel Gorman, Bushra Kundi, Thumeka Mgwgwi, Fabrice Muhlenbach, Serban Dinca-Panaitescu, Dennis Diefenbach, Kunpeng Guo and Christo El Morr Wikibase as an Infrastructure for Community Documents: The example of the Disability Wiki Platform
Judith Knoblach, Nikhil Acharya, Bhavya Koranemkattil, Andreas Both and Diego Collarana Combining Knowledge Graphs and Language Models to Answer Questions over Tables
Achim Reiz and Kurt Sandkuhl NEOntometrics: A Flexible And Scalable Software For Calculating Ontology Metrics
Beatriz Esteves and Víctor Rodríguez Doncel Semantifying the Governance of Data in Europe
Kevin Angele, Umutcan Şimşek and Dieter Fensel Towards a Knowledge Access & Representation Layer
Michael Schulze, Michelle Pelzer, Markus Schröder, Christian Jilek, Heiko Maus and Andreas Dengel Towards Knowledge Graph Based Services in Accounting Use Cases
Gollam Rabby, Vojtěch Svátek and Petr Berka Augmenting a COVID-19 research knowledge graph with influential papers prediction