Ontology Governance

Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00
Johannes Frey


Skills knowledge graph curation: the case of digitalization design domain

Skills are now the foundational element of HR practices and HR Tech. Skills can be used to identify what employees can do, should do and what are the gaps, such gaps can be used for recommending learning content and career development paths. Skills are also used in recruiting part of human capital management - for specifying requirements for candidates and matching CVs with vacancies.||According to [Bersin, 2021] one of the hottest markets in HR Tech is the market for what he calls “SkillsTech,” tools that help identify, categorize, assess, manage, and improve skills at work.

Plow: A Novel Approach to Interlinking Modular Ontologies based on Software Package Management

Ontology development offers many challenges, with some of the most prominent being modularization and evolution of ontologies over time. Based on lessons learned from popular programming language package managers, we present a novel approach to package management of OWL ontologies. Most prominently we integrate a dependency resolution algorithm based on the popular SemVer versioning scheme with tooling support for dependency locking, which allows for decoupling publication and consumption of ontologies, reducing the need for coordination in ontology evolution.