Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 16:00 to 17:30
Philippe Wacker


Accurate and Explainable Misinformation Detection

Ian and Julien will discuss Accurate and Explainable Misinformation Detection or more colloquially Fake News. As content volume continues to grow exponentially; curation and debunking has become almost insurmountable. Misinformation can lead incorrect action or no action at all. We all need to enter into a meaningful and structured collaboration taking the responsibility and systematically investing in independent fact-checking efforts around the world to help resolve these issues. AI can help but it needs to be multi-lateral, interoperable, and explainable.

Turning Multilingual Content Supply Chains Into Local Experience Value Chains

FOCUS SESSION: Managing workflows has been a recurring challenge in content operations and solutions. As they have been considered as sets of transactional steps of files involving a number of people within organizations they have not always been synchronized with customer experience standards and needs. As a result some workflows have not delivered output as planned and expected.