Entity Handling

Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 11:45 to 12:45


Products & Services based on Semantic Technologies and Natural Language Processing/Understanding for Policy-Making in Science, Technology & Innovation

Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy-makers face today technical difficulties that become strategic challenges: data on STI activities is scattered around several non—interoperable sources (e.g., R&D project repositories, patent and bibliometric databases) and it is classified within categories which are i. not transversal across data sources and ii. not relevant for an effective decision—making process in most of the cases.

Network of Terms - bringing links to your data

How can you find information in heterogeneous Linked Data sources, available at different locations and managed by different owners? In the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE) we are working on a distributed solution for this: the Network of Terms.||||We encourage cultural institutions to publish their data as Linked Data and assign standardized terms to their digital heritage information. Terms are descriptions of concepts or entities and make heritage easier to find for anyone interested in it.