Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00
Sebastian Neumair


Adding Domain Knowledge to Improve Entity Resolution in 17th and 18th Century Amsterdam Archival Records

The problem of entity resolution is central in the field of Digital Humanities. It is also one of the major issues in the Golden Agents project, which aims at creating an infrastructure that enables researchers to search for patterns that span across decentralized knowledge graphs from cultural heritage institutes. To this end, we created a method to perform entity resolution on complex historical knowledge graphs.

The Power in Performance: Cutting Edge Applications of Graph Reasoning with RDFox

Semantic reasoning has become one of the most valuable companions to a knowledge graph and as the technology has advanced, companies all across the world have embraced its power. As adoption grows, so too does the need for faster, more reliable, more intelligent solutions. With RDFox, they are available today. Join us for a showcase of the features driving graph’s most exciting applications from large scale configuration management and fraud detection to on-device personalized recommendations and vehicle automation.