Semantic Models

Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00
Marco Brattinga


An early adopters perspective on SML (Semantic modelling and linking) in the built environment

"Last years SEMANTICS conference saw a presentation about semantics in asset management. The discussed SML standard (CEN prEN 17632) is still under development (as was then its Dutch equivalent norm NEN 2660-2), but there are a few initiatives which took on the challenge of conforming to this standard while building their ontology. (One of) the first is IMBOR (Informatiemodel beheer openbare ruimte; Information model for Managing the Public Space) from Dutch non-profit CROW.

On a Generalized Framework for Time-Aware Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs have emerged as an effective tool for managing and standardizing semistructured domain knowledge in a human- and machine-interpretable way. In terms of graph-based domain applications, such as embeddings and graph neural networks, current research is increasingly taking into account the time-related evolution of the information encoded within a graph. Algorithms and models for stationary and static knowledge graphs are extended to make them accessible for time-aware domains, where time-awareness can be interpreted in different ways.