Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 10:30 to 12:00
Sabrina Kirrane


Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV) - Semantics for GDPR and Personal Data Processing

People, organisations, laws, and use-cases have different perspectives and interpretations of concepts and requirements which cannot be modelled into a single coherent universal vocabulary. The Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV) provides a core framework of ‘common concepts’ that can be extended to represent specific laws, domains, or applications.

RDF creation in privacy sensitive environments

Within a large program in the Dutch nursing homes, of which we reported last year during Semantics 2021, sensitive health-related and organizational data needs to be converted to RDF data. The program uses only open standards, for RDF creation we use RML. During this program extra tooling became relevant for the assistance of a semantic engineer supporting the health application manager in his/her endeavor to create RDF data using an ontology. The RDF data will be queried with a limited set of known queries.

Querying Knowledge Graphs on the Web with Comunica [SP]

Knowledge Graphs on the Web exist in a large variety of different formats, sizes, and are exposed in different ways.
This heterogeneous nature of Knowledge Graphs introduces difficulties for developers that want to make use of them within applications. In order to alleviate these difficulties, the Comunica framework acts as an abstraction layer between applications and Knowledge Graphs on the Web.
This talk will explain how Comunica works, and how it can be used within your applications.

Using metIdea™ to add a polysemantic capability to Microsoft SQL Graphs [SP]