Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:00


Using metIdea™ to add a polysemantic capability to Microsoft SQL Graphs [SP]

GNOSS Semantic AI Platform Open CORE v5.0: the framework to build expressive web applications based on Knowledge Graphs [SP]

ADVEO has been almost up till now the leading company in Europe specialized in the wholesale distribution of office equipment, school material and stationery supplies for different working and teaching environments. With a labour force of 1,200 professionals, ADVEO offered to over 17,000 customer-distributors across Europe a catalogue of 250,000 products and services through the most of brands.

Semantic MediaWiki in the Era of Knowledge Graphs

The talk will highlight the open source knowledge management system Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) and its relevance in the era of knowledge graphs. Semantic MediaWiki, the only semantic wiki still in active development, has evolved into a business-ready "swiss army knife" for semantics. Knowledge platforms, metadata management, linked open data, building community-driven knowledge bases to triple stores and knowledge graphs are some of the use-cases that can be addressed with SMW.

A Semantic Specification for Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

The GDPR requires assessing and conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment||(DPIA) for processing of personal data that may result in high risk and impact||to the data subjects. Documenting this process requires information about the||processing activities, entities and their roles, risks, mitigations and||resulting impacts, and consultations.