Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:00


Taxonomies at the heart of a corporate brain for contact centers.

The business of contact centers makes up for an important percentage of GDP in many countries. Millions of people work in contact centers and they make literally billions of phone calls each year to do outsourced sales calls or set appointments or check on licenses. You would expect that in this day and age a contact center would be able to provide a perfect 360 overview of every contact person and company ever called and use that to improve the contact centers efficiency and improve sales for their clients. However that is unfortunately not the case.

Technology to Transform the Everyday

Linkmaster 3000

Why Linked Data? LD allows us to build a distributed, scalable and timely updated database on the web. Anybody can extend it by putting their data under their domain by “use of a hyperlink to unambiguously denote an entity” (K. Idehen). Adopting this wider definition, we can find 1. a data space with traditional LD deployments (#/303 + RDF) becoming mature pillars of information and 2. a rapid-growing space enabled by Schema.org and JSON-LD, together forming the largest, distributed and constantly updating knowledge graph on earth.