Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 16:00 to 17:30
Arthur Wetzel


Next Generation of Intelligent Bots -- How Conversational AI Helps Solving More Complex Tasks

We will tell the story about our journey developing smart multilingual virtual assistants starting from conversational agent Laura in 2012 up to the most recent innovative Conversational AI solutions for the European Commission, the European Space Agency and multiple other business companies. Tilde’s presentation will demonstrate how Language technologies have evolved over time helping chatbot developers address more and more complex tasks while providing the end users smooth, fast and timely information and sophisticated services.

Anonymisation & Compliance - Yes, But Use NLP for Key Information Extraction!

Anonymisation has become a key feature for both public administrations and the enterprise sharing personal data across jurisdictions and for GDPR compliance. However, the roles of Data Controllers and Data Officers are still unclear for many, as it is the need for efficient anonymisation and pseudonymisation. There are many advantages to having clear anonymisation policies, beyond the simple compliance with GDPR to avoid fines.

Automatic Creation and Maintenance of Knowledge Graphs through NLP-AI-driven Analysis of Scientific Literature: A Case Study

Knowledge Graphs are a powerful and increasingly popular approach to represent complex knowledge and to support analysis and the discovery of new facts. Knowledge Graphs offer themselves for the integration of insights from structured databases, manually curated data and batches of facts derived from large-scale document analysis. However, creating and maintaining large Knowledge Graphs is a laborious and therefore costly undertaking.